Night Owls

If a full day of Major Morning Tracks or Mentoring Clinics, followed by Afternoon Workshops or Recreational Opportunities and General Sessions, doesn’t completely exhaust you, we have even more to offer! Night Owl sessions are laid back and casual, and most are interactive. Even if you’re not typically a “night owl” kind of person, this is a perfect way to end your Mount Hermon day.

Friday Night

Teen Pitch Lab

Jill Williamson

Jill Williamson see bio  

A writers conference is an ideal place to meet with editors and agents, so it’s important to be ready to explain your story in a concise and compelling way. You want your idea to generate excitement or at least curiosity. But communicating your story in a sentence or two can be a difficult—and sometimes scary— thing to do. It doesn’t have to be that way! In this Night Owl, you’ll get the opportunity to try out your pitch before your big appointment. We’ll start by going over the elements of a good pitch—including an easy way to break the ice. Then we’ll break up into small groups to practice. Come with a short (two to three sentence) pitch to share

Saturday Night

Pitch Perfect

Cynthia RuchtiSusan K. Stewart

Cynthia Ruchti see bio and Susan K. Stewart see bio  

What’s proper etiquette for an agent or editor appointment? Or for querying an agent or editor after a conference? This session will give writers an idea of what to expect and what is expected of them, in a causal manner. We’ll calm nerves as well as open eyes and prepare writers for the best experience possible when they talk to editors and agents about their work.


Kelly HarrelLori Freeland

Kelly Harrel see bio and Lori Freeland see bio   

Are you tired of agents and editors telling you to watch your POV? Have you been told you need to dive deeper into POV? Are you wondering what POV even is, and why you should care? Even if you know that POV stands for “Point of View,” you still may need this class—even if it’s just for the laughs, interactive experiences, and hands-on examples. Come make a Night Owl memory with us. We promise to keep you awake... even if we have to feed you lots of candy.

Find Your Target Reader

Misty M. Beller

Misty M. Beller see bio  

Learn tangible ways to identify the preferences and personalities of your target audience—it’s more than demographics! We’ll then discuss how to utilize the information to empower your writing and make marketing efforts exponentially more effective. We’ll consider what a target reader looks like—behaviors, preferences, and backgrounds. Look at practical ways to discover your target reader, using audience volunteers to see the steps in action. Finally, we’ll discuss how this new enlightenment should affect both your writing and your marketing. 

Becoming a Freelance Editor/Proofreader

Christi McGuire

Christi McGuire see bio  

Do you want to start a freelance editing business? Many authors consider subsidizing their writing by helping others improve their manuscripts. Freelance editing enables them to hone their own skills while assisting those who are at an earlier stage of their writing journey. This Night Owl covers the advantages and disadvantages of freelancing, how to decide if this is a good fit for you, preparation for success, marketing your services, and networking with other freelancers.

Brainstorming 101

Marci SeitherLisa Bogart

Marci Seither and Lisa Bogart     

Learn two brainstorming techniques that have helped writers unleash the potential of their creativity and writing. Marci and Lisa taught this as a workshop last year, and Francine Rivers said it was something she had never experienced before. “This blew my mind” she responded after we went through the process and did a brainstorm on her potential blogging topics.

10 Things Every Aspiring Writer Should Know

Linda Howard

Linda Howard see bio  

So you want to be a published author? Think you’re ready to take the plunge? What should you know before you begin? What pitfalls can you avoid, and what can you do to make the process go more smoothly? How can you work effectively with your publisher and what can you expect from them? All this and more in this informative Night Owl. 

Create an Action Board and Move Your Writing Life Forward

Jim Hart

Jim Hartsee bio  

If you’re encountering difficulties moving your writing goals forward or even defining those goals, this Night Owl will help you take action. Jim will help you unpack your dominate goal and visualize the process you need to take in moving your goal toward completion. If you don’t take action, your dreams remain only wishful thinking. We’ll address the ways we self-sabotage and what keeps us stuck. Bring your laptop or notebook!

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about the Writing Life But Were Afraid to Ask

Deborah Raney

Deborah Raney see bio  

This Q&A session with best-selling, multi-published author Deborah Raney is your chance to ask anything you’ve been wondering about related to writing and being a career writer.

Piano and Organ Concert

Dave Talbot

Dave Talbott, musician

Come to the auditorium and enjoy the amazing musical talents of Dave Talbott as he performs hymns and praise songs like you've never heard from anyone else. Sing along, worship, or just sit in awe and wonder. Dave always ends his concert by taking requests from the audience. So be ready to shout out your favorites--if he hasn't already played them! Dave's rendition of "My Tribute" will have you floating on Cloud Nine!